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Hi, I’m Simon Gittins. Fitness is my passion and I love to blog about what I do both workout and nutrition wise. The internet is the most powerful network of workout routines, home workout, supplements, nutrition guides, workout enthusiasts, gym partners and fitness information on the planet. I aim to harness this along with my own experience to provide workout routines, nutrition plans and fitness tips to help people of all levels. Choose your workout routine and just do it! Along the way, I’m hoping you can all inspire me to not only stay in shape, but be the best person I can be for a multitude of reasons.
My Philosophy
Fitness is for life, not just for after Christmas. Train hard, strike a healthy balance between your nutrition and lifestyle and you will reap the rewards
My Promise
My first promise was to my family. I promised to get into the best shape of my life for the benefit of all of us. I aim to set a good example to my wife, daughters and everyone I come into contact with. My second promise is to other people who are willing to listen, I will support people along their fitness paths to ensure they get the most benefit out of their efforts
Over To You
Only you can decide, do you want to become fitter, leaner, stronger and healthy? I can’t help you until you make the choice.

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Soreness Without Hurt

  • February 6th, 2013

As of Sunday 10th February, I’ll be doing the Wendler 531 Boring But Big Challenge

I am currently doing well with…

Strength Gains 70%
Bulking 90%
Cutting 65%
Nutrition 60%