Workout Calendar, Free 2012 Fitness Calendar Download

Download the calendars from this page each month, pin them up on your wall, on your fridge, in the office, in your gym, in your home gym….wherever you’ll see them really.

It feels like a great sense of achievement when you see all your designated workout days marked off on the calendar. On the flip side, if you see a run of consecutive days not marked off, there’s no place to hide in calendar terms. Use this as fuel to make sure you start working out again.

The calendar also helps you start a workout routine on any day of the month. Have you ever missed Monday’s workout and thought “I might as well have a week off now and wait until next week to start?” Sound familiar? Having the workout calendar pinned on the wall can help you start up again, whether it’s at the beginning, middle or end of the week. You can also keep track of how many times you have used each workout routine. The calendar can help you work towards 4, 6 or 8 week workout plans.

You can also add your weight as you go if weight loss or weight gain is part of your work out objectives. You can add your weight at random, daily, weekly, at the end of the month, or however you prefer. Remember to try and weigh yourself at the same time each day to keep your weigh-in statistics steady.

October 2012 Workout Calendar is now available, please click on the link below;

October 2012 Workout Calendar


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